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1. Introduction
2. Cardiorespiratory fitness
3. Muscular endurance and strength
4. Flexibility
  - Stretching techniques
  - Fitt factors
  - Warm-up and cool-down
5. Nutrition and fitness
6. Environmental considerations
7. Injuries

A. Physiological differences between the sexes

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Stretching exercises should be included in all physical fitness programs.

The following FITT factors apply when developing a flexibility program.

  • Frequency: Do flexibility exercises daily. Do them during the warm-up to help prepare the muscles for vigorous activity and to help reduce injury. Do them during the cool-down to help maintain flexibility.
  • Intensity: Stretch a muscle beyond its normal length to the point of tension or slight discomfort, not pain.
  • Time: Hold stretches for 10 to 15 seconds for warming up and cooling down and for 30 seconds or longer to improve flexibility.
  • Type: Use static stretches, assumed slowly and gradually, as well as passive stretching and/or PNF stretching.

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