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1. Training strategy
  - Building-block approach
  - Armywide implementation
  - Safety
2. Maps
3. Marginal information and symbols
4. Grids
5. Scale and distance
6. Direction
7. Overlays
8. Aerial photographs
9. Navigation equipment and methods
10. Elevation and relief
11. Terrain association
12. Mounted land navigation
13. Navigation in different types of terrain
14. Unit sustainment

A. Field sketching
B. Map folding techniques
C. Units of measure and conversion factors
D. Joint operations graphics
E. Exportable training material
F. Orienteering
G. M2 compass
H. Additional aids
I. Foreign maps
J. Global positioning system
K. Precision lightweight global positioning system receiver


A mandatory core of critical map reading and land navigation tasks and a list of electives will be provided to each TRADOC service school and FORSCOM professional development school. Standardization is achieved through the mandatory core. Exportable training material is made available to support Armywide implementation.

Training strategy
Building-block approach | Armywide implementation | Safety |

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